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Total Value Chain is constantly looking to mitigate the human impact of manual tasks
through automated material handling systems, including wearable robotics.

Robotic Exoskeletons:

  • All manual pickers wear light exoskeletons on their back and legs. This enhances their physical strength and prevents back diseases. The moves of every worker are monitored and supported in real-time thanks to sensors placed directly on the device.


  • No compromise between human capacities and machine strength
  • Helps aging workers
  • Monitoring physical effort
  • Compliance with evolving regulations on weight and cumulated workload for workers


  • High flexibility
  • Accident and trauma reduction
  • Collection of effort data

Manual inventory counting today is expensive and time consuming. Using autonomous
drones to count the physical inventory can reduce these costs dramatically.

Autonomous drones:

  • Using autonomous drones to count the physical inventory reduces the need for physical climbing. The drone shares the scanned information with the WMS and with help of image recognition, the physical scanned inventory is quickly determined.


  • Autonomous solution
  • Stock taking without human resources
  • No more rolling stock counting
  • No specific guidance infrastructure
  • Faster, cheaper and more accurate


  • High inventory accuracy
  • Cost reduction
  • Time reduction in cycle counts

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