MyJourney is an online crew mobilisation / demobilisation management solution and is used by companies operating in the oil & gas, marine construction and marine exploration sectors. MyJourney is used by crew to ensure that they follow all the industry norms and company defined protocols during their journey to and from the off-shore vessel / rigs / construction platforms.

The app will displays daily activities to be completed to each crew member. The responses provided by each crew member helps in monitoring the progress each crew has made during their journey. crews are also alerted when they misses or violates any regulation. This ensures that the crew arriving at the on-boarding location are safe and compliant.

Crews are also notified in real time about notices and information for each crew member, take their feedback and allow them to communicate with the central team and also among themselves. This will keep each crew member is informed and updated at all times.


  • Enables identification of health risk level based on information that is self declared by crew, enabling a proactive approach to crew health and safety management

  • User profile collects vital crew information such as health and medical records, offshore and onshore certification and trainings that help ensure the crew is fit to be mobilised.

  • Profiles enable quick access to vital information such as your allergies, blood type, medical contacts, etc. that are essential to attending first responders, medics or medical staff having to take action.
  • MyJourney assists crews on their travels, by syncing travel plans to their calendar and providing them with reminders and notifications on activities they need to complete to ensure a smooth travel experience.

  • The calendar dynamically displays the travel itinerary, displaying to the crews in advance the dates on which activities are due.
  • The app interactively notifies crews of all pre-travel and travel related activities that they need to complete as per their schedule.

  • Manage all mobilisation/demobilisation activities for all crew and update completion status.
  • The central content repository provides crew with information that helps them to stay updated during travel. times.

  • Best practices related to various protocols can be accessed.

  • Chat features help crews communicate with each other along the journey. Chat groups help crews travelling in groups to stay in sync.

  • Create custom groups as per job requirements and connect with your teammates.
  • Travel details such as flight, train or other transit information and hotel stay are displayed in a centralized repository

  • Crews can upload PDFs, photos, boarding pass, etc. to this repository


You can download the MYJOURNEY, app at: