Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Evacuation from Barge

List of Hospitals

Roles and Responsibilities

Avlyn Menezes

First responder
-- Co-ordinate with Uday or Sharad depending on where the casualty is arriving
-- Co-ordinate with doctor and hospital, inform them of first aid given to casualty offshore
-- Inform OCS HSE Head – Vikrant Virvadekar

Bhavik Shah

Second responder
-- Inform ONGC – 11 High
-- Inform OCS Management.

Uday Phodkar

-- Collect NED Pass, Aadhar and insurance copy from office prior to chopper landing
-- Arrange Ambulance in advance
-- Accompany casualty to hospital

Sharad Dudhale

-- Collect NED Pass, Aadhar and insurance copy from office prior to boat arrival in port
-- Co-ordinate with Agents – Falcon for outward movement of casualty
-- Accompany casualty to hospital

Vikrant Virvadekar

-- Inform insurance of the casualty
-- Inform next of kin or vendor
-- Responsible till discharge of casualty from hospital

In case of unfortunate death, it must be registered at Yellow Gate Police Station and DG rules should be adhered to

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