The food served in the healthcare sector is prepared by maintaining complete food well-being and keeping the nutritional value intact. Often, the caregivers find it hard to visit the cafeteria due to their work and settle down with the eatery foods delivered to their place. The outside food might satisfy their hunger, but it fails to deliver the right amount of nutrients to the body. By keeping the nutritional food for all in mind, we created an online platform to let the caregivers order food and beverages from the cafeteria.

Especially relevant during the Covid 19 times - the food is prepared with utmost care and compliance to detailed regulations in their own trusted premises. So this is the food that they can trust - approved vendors, safe handling, safe procedures, effective cooking methods and correct storage guidelines are followed.


  • There can a plenty of option to choose as the menu changes daily with the cafeteria menu.
  • Each dish will show insights of the special ingredients used, details nutritional content and calorie count a serving.
  • The app will alert you if the total calories exceeds your preset average calorie count.
  • You can earn loyalty points on each order and apply promo codes to avail great offers.
  • You can re-order your daily favorite meal from the order history.
  • For more health-conscious choice, A variety of dietary options can be available to order from.
    • You can collect the prepared order from the cafeteria or get it delivered at certain times.
    • With online payment mode, there is no need to stand in the billing queue and worrying about exact change.
    • Festival special dishes, new arrivals, live stations can be announced via the app to notify the caregivers about the latest food trend in the facility.


    You can download the Pulse Food app at: