PulseRe App empowers job candidates to manage the recruitment journey till onboarding in a convenient and user-friendly way. The solution promotes self-management and assures compliance to the policies and procedures put down by the recruiting agency, employer, and the relevant government regulator, to secure the job vacancy.

This App is a comprehensive recruitment solution for the human resources team of any organisation to efficiently mobilise multiple candidates from a job vacancy till the onboarding stage. The detailed framework is flexible for easy-setup and complete compliance to the 'companys', 'clients’ and 'regulators’ policies and procedures.

PulseRe App ensures that all the important features are available for quick decision making and to avoid delays to the recruitment process.


  • Details such as the overall number of candidates under each phase or specific to a vacancy are all info-graphically depicted.
  • Direct navigation to open, closed and overdue vacancies facilitates users to be able to take quick actions to complete a high priority activity.
  • Users get the important details regarding each vacancy displayed in a list format along with the colour coded phase status and progress to get a clarity on the ongoing vacancies.
  • Filtration of vacancies based on location, target mobilization date, openings, etc is provided.
  • Details of all candidates such as country of Origin, Destination, tentative facility and recruitment source are displayed in a list format.
  • For the benefit of a non-biased process in terms of application selection and process, candidates are given unique ID number and the names are hidden at the list stage.
  • Candidate’s entire background along with a CV attached in a document format makes it easier for a recruiter to assess the profile at glance, reducing the time to search through various different formats of CVs separately.
  • One can decide whether to proceed with the application or to reject it due to the unaligned points is an easy process with the quick action buttons at the bottom.
  • One of the most important aspect is to clearly define the steps a company needs to perform for each candidate to migrate to the work destination. This application allows the recruiter to be more efficient and save time in these processes.
  • Once calendarized, it becomes the job of the application to remind the users, no more unattended tasks.
  • All the activities such as evaluation plan of a candidate, documents submitted notifications, date of arrival of a candidate, etc are mapped against the app calendar to make it easier for one to remember.
  • Details, links and proceeding steps are also mapped along with the activities making the recruitment process smoother than ever.


You can download the PulseRe app at: